NEO INDUSTRY is an anonymous company created in 2015. The propect involves the establishment of a cocoa bean processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 32,000 tons of cocoa butter, coco powder and Mass of cocoa

The project will be implemented at kekem in the western region (cameroon. Its purpose is to participate in the goveemmental effort to conduct decentralized development

It is an initiative of mister Emmanuel NEOSSI, Cameroonian Business men which benefits from a very big experience in the trade of the coco and the coffee.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PRODUCAM who is the third exporter of cocoa beans on the national level , M. NEISSI is at the head of a company the market share of which represents about 20% of the national market
Benefiting from a good reputation in the sector, he had negociated solid international par-tnership over the world with TOUTON S.A who his becomes international commercial partner.

Ministry of Economy. Planning and Developùent of the Territory

The state is made up of solid partners for this project in he brought tax and customs benefits to direct financing the laying of the first of the factory was preseded by Mr Louis Paul MOTAZE
This ceromony is very important and popular with the participation of several government members and financial and technical partners.
It is important to recall that the direct financing of the sate was mobilized through the Acropole Program for amount of 1.2bilion CFA francs
This reflets the will of the government to promote this sector whose importance in Camerounian is no longer demonstrative

The main strengths of NEO INDUSTRY:

Strong control of the sector of activity by the developer who is at head of a trading company , third exporter of cocoa beans in cameroon and who will be main supplier of cocoa beans for NEO INDUSTRY

With experience accumulated since 1860 BUHLER the world number one in the manufacture of the equipment of the chocolate industries will be supplier of the equipment of production. A first-class partnership that guarantees technical in 140 countries around the world
- BUHLER manufactures the equipmens with a guarantee on the performance of the machines.
- BUHLER guarantees the training of personnel (transfer of knowledge, know-how, good practices).
- BUHLER guarantees the manufacturing risk and the quality o the product resulting from the process

Installed in Bordeaux since its crearion in 1848 the TOUTON group is major player in the international trade of cacao , coffee, vanillan spices and ingredients. It relies on a network of exporting subsidiaries located in the coubtries of origin.

TOUTON S.A operated in Ghana since 1998 buys annualy nearly 110 000 tons of cocoa, which ranks it among the five biggest buyer of beans in the country

TOUTON has a crushing plant o 25,000 tons of cocoa in Ghana, it concludes with this partner, several forms of partnerships.

- Technical assistance has operation management
- Personnel training in the TOUTON subsidiary is based in Ghana and the NEO INDUSTRY site
- An offtake contract of the whole production stemming from the factory.

The architecture and engineering from NOGHA CONSULTING based in strasbourg since 2008 has carried out works in several fields ranging from the construction of industrial building to housing inthe world. This is the technical partner who has carried out the architectural studies of the plant and who in charge project management

In the field of industriak buildings we can list some of the following achievements of NOGHA

The consulting and engineering firm NGOGHA CONSULTING based in strasbourg since 2008 has realized fed works in several fields ranging form the construction of industrial buildings to housing in the world. It is the technical partner who has carrued out the architectural studies of the plant and who is in charge of project management.

In the field of in industrial buildings in can list some following realization of the firm NOHGA

- An industrial building Lilly France at strasbourg in 2008 , cost of works 9 million euros
- A chocolate factory Barrt callebaut hs suehou in china, cost 4.8 million euros
- A unit of coca cola company in Grigny in 200+, for a cost of 1.2 million euro.
- A coca bean crushing plant in Ghana in 2008 for a cost of 2.7 million euro.
- A factory of manufacturing of Barry collebaut chocolate in Moscow (Russia) in 2008 for a 4.7 million euro cost .
- The construction o a FITINA S.A spinning mill in Bananco (Mali) in 2005, costing 1.6 million euros.

A diversified range of products answering in expectation of the market


The building work of the factory began contracts with the various companies were finalized.

The Cameroonain company CAMBUILD, specializing in civil engineering , has begun the civil engineering works which will last six months

The relization of the metal structure will be carried out by two companies. Ivoire Ingénierie (21) based in Ivory coast provides the engineering and manufacturing of the structure which will be transported on site to Cameroon in july 2017. The assembly of this structure will be ensured by COMETAL based in Diuala and specializing in metal construction.

The electrical works will be carried out by a cameroonian company group led by INSTUMELEC.

The installation of the utilities will be carried out by the Cameroonian company R.W.King.


- The establishment and opertaion permit was abtained from Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development

- Approval under the EPZ regime has beeen secured and provides exemptions and other taxrelated benefits to the company;

- The environemental and social inpact assessment and the hazard study were carried out and validated;
- The contract with the BUHLER equipment company was signed and the payment made; Manufacturing of equipment is 80% and arrival on site in kekem is expected in September 2017;
- A project receives funding of 13 billion XAF from CBS Attijariwaffa;
- The State has mobilized 1.2 billion CFA through the agropolis program;
- The technical assistance contract with TOUTON S.A has been signed;
- The contratcs relating to the constrction of the plant have been awarded with the different companies for the following lots:
- Civil engineering
- Metal construction
- Electricité
- Installing utilities
- VRD works
- The excavation and dismantling work was carried out on site, as well as the construction of a fence to protect the site;
- Almost 16billions has already been invested in financing the acquisition of equipment, site remediantion works and civil engeineering works;
- The civil engineering works started on the construction site;
- The control of te metal structure is effective and the latter will be instakked on the site from the month of July 2017;
Plant commissioning is planned for early 2018.